At Least Michael Moore is Good for Something

As much as hate to give Michael Moore a big thumbs up, Fahrenheit 9/11 (link is to a Christopher Hitchens piece on Moore's tripe) has had at least one positive led to the boys over at Cox and Forkum getting their first 'toon printed in a major daily newspaper!!

Checking out the DetNews weblog was a bit of a treat. While it seems to skew just a bit left there are some very interesting characters over there and I'm going to make it a daily read for the time being. Thankfully, it seems that the conservative faction of their log is much, much more prolific than their liberal counterparts...which probably helps offset their numeric disadvantage. It'll be interesting to see how it fares as a daily source. After scanning the bios of all the contributers I also found that they may even have a few examples of the most rare of beasts over there...truly objective journalists!

But, I digress...that is only part of the big news for C&F; as they have also been picked up by Investor's Business Daily which gives them a national print audience of over 200,000...and I'd surmise that they're an influential 200,000 at that!

All in all, big congrats are due to John Cox and Allen Forkum for all the great cartoons they've given the blogosphere and all the great work they'll now be doing in print also. And the 'toon that launched them in print? Good stuff...