More Draft Rumormongering

I really, really don't know where to begin commenting about the bunch of fucking ghouls who created the Enjoy the Draft website. Nice to see they didn't manage to quote Jesse Jackson, Alcee Hastings, Elijah Cummings, Neil Abercrombie, William Clay, Pete Stark, John Conyers, Sheila Jackson-Lee, John Lewis, Jim McDermott, James Moran, Fritz Hollings, or Nydia Velazquez who are the only politicians to actually have drafted and/or sponsored legislation to institute a draft anytime recently...I suppose that's because they're all Democrats.

Sorry I've almost become a one-trick-pony on this subject but it's just the one thing that is getting almost zero press right now that really, really is pissing me off!

It makes perfect sense

Where I think Kerry is dead wrong on this issue and Guiliani (and Bush) are right is that Kerry seems to not be taking into account the goal of Islamic fundamentalism: re-establishing the Caliphate and the complete subjugation of the non-Muslim world. Kerry's defense of his "nuisance" statement is that it was taken "out of context"...and that in the context of the following quote it makes perfect sense.

Now, I don't know about where you live but getting to the place where terrorism is dealt with as effectively as illegal gambling and prostitution would mean an abject and utter failure of our ability to deal with it at all. Illegal gambling is about as pervasive as any illegal activity can get and illegal prostitution isn't far behind. That they are not on our mind on a daily basis owns to the fact that they are largely victimless crimes...which is something that terrorism is not and can not be.

Terrorism never grew to occupy our thoughts because it was always something that happened to some other country or happened in some other country. The Oklahoma City bombing and the first WTC attack were simply chalked up as "anomalies"...the former written off as the work of a lone lunatic and the latter only killing a handful of persons so as to be "ignorable". For decades Americans sat back and watched the evening news as Israel dealt with these issues on an almost weekly basis without ever considering what it would be like living under that specter themselves. We're not at that point yet but Kerry's "nuisance" argument seems to indicate that he considers coping with terrorism as it happens acceptable...and I disagree entirely. My problem with his statements is that the goal of illegal gambling isn't to destroy or convert all those who are not illegal gamblers...and likewise that is not the goal of illegal prostitution. I find the mere suggestion that terrorism should be dealt with in the same manner as these two relatively victimless criminal activities disturbing but it is consistent with Kerry's "NIMBY" long is it isn't happening to us, it's not our problem.

All in all it adds up to just one more reason why I think John Kerry is the wrong candidate, for the wrong office, at the wrong time.