Light Blogging

Humph! Like it hasn't been "light blogging" all week...even for my semi-random blogging schedule! I'll be in D.C. for the next few days attending the AUSA Conference with a friend and my only net connection will probably be my cell phone as a modem which is a bit limiting...especially since my AC adapter crapped out and the Verizon store doesn't carry them so they would have to order one for me so I have to charge it in the vehicle. They said they could have it in early November for only $10 more than buying it from Kyocera and having it waiting in the mailbox when I get home. I think not.

Unfortunately, we aren't going to be able to hang around until Wednesday when Rummy and General Abazaid are speaking which is I guess we'll have to content ourselves with checking out the exhibits and enjoying the city (just found out that "Ministry" and "My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult" are playing at Club 903 Monday night which would definitely be a great show.) We are specifically checking out a company called Vingh√łg because we want to check out their M2HB softmount since it seems to be the best design we've seen. friend is that kind of "crazy"...but it's legal and fun!

If I can take pictures I'll try to get some up Monday night...should be interesting though.

Kerry Draft Scare Redux

Back in September almost all liberal liberal and many conservative blogs rushed forward to defend Kerry against accusations that he was trying to "scare" voters by claiming Bush would invoke the draft. I posted about the comments and I refused to retract them or even make mention of the many, many pundits who claimed that the following lines were not meant to target Bush:

Sure he didn't say Bush would invoke the draft but given the analogy used and Kerry's characterization of those situations...nobody should have been fooled. I didn't mention the conflict all over the blogosphere to defend Kerry because, in my opinion, there was nothing to defend. He said it and he meant it.

Now it seems that the impossible has occurred once again and Kerry and I agree on something: he does mean to try to scare voters into voting for him by openly implying that Bush would invoke the draft (from the Des Moines Register.)

If Kerry doesn't mean to imply that Bush would invoke the draft, why does Bush's name seem to end up in sentences concerning possible draft implementation due to Bush's policies so often? And all this so soon after the Democratically sponsored draft bill was just soundly defeated in the Republican controlled House of Representatives. Who's fooling whom here?